Intech equipments are made in according to regulation in force.

- Machinery Directive 2006/42/Ec

- Directive 2014/34/EU which replaces Directive 94/9/EC, our machineries have a protection level II 3D, they are fit to be installed in area 22.

Directive BT 2006/95/EC modified by Directive BT 2014/35/UE.

Directive EMC 2004/108/EC modified by Directives 2014/30/UE.

Regulation (EC) N. 1935/2004 of European Parliament and Council dated 27 October 2004 concening Food Contact Materials.

Regulation (EC) N. 975/2009 of Commission dated 19 October 2009 relating to plastic material and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Our equipment are manufactured with highest quality standards, in order to satisfy the customer with performing and long-lasting solutions. The choice of suppliers, IT program and machineries at our disposal let us to make equipments with high quality.

Thanks to the partnership with our sister companies Intech is able to check the complete production process of their equipment.